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"Service-Learning is a type of experiential education in which students participate in service in the community and reflect on their involvement in such a way as to gain further understanding of the course content, its relationship to social needs, and an enhanced sense of civic responsibility" - Hatcher and Bringle, 1997

Marine Biology:

From Volunteer to Career

Thomas Wing, '20

Balancing coursework with his passion for the outdoors, Thomas Wing (‘20) worked closely with Biology Prof. Rachel Hovel on various research projects in the hopes of becoming a fisheries biologist. When courses were forced to transition online, Prof. Hovel helped Thomas connect with the Department of Marine Resources where he obtained a volunteer position identifying adult Atlantic Salmon nests and planting Atlantic Salmon eggs in artificial nests. Thomas explained that through his volunteer work he “was able to get experience in the field with a great organization, and it cemented my theory that this was the path I wanted to follow. In the sciences, it is very important to have someone who can help you to look" volunteer opportunities related to your major and future career. "I would never have even known about the volunteering opportunity without Professor Hovel.”

Thomas Wing ('20) at his volunteer position with the Department of Marine Resources

Outdoor Business & Rec:

Sandy River Trail Project

Joe Haggerty ('20), Sam Shirley ('22)

Originally created to support Nordic skiing and snowshoeing around Farmington, the Sandy River Trail Project became a practicum for Joseph Haggerty (‘20) in the fall of 2018. “I did the whole process of land surveying and some environmental work to make sure we weren’t in any wetlands around the Sandy River Watershed. By the time I was done, I was able to make trail signs, mark trees, and create about a dozen trails for the community to use.” Shortly after Joe’s practicum was over, Sam Shirley took over work on the trail system. “During the winter, I pack & groom the trails on Prescott Field and the surrounding woods so that snowshoers and cross country skiers can use the trails. The other thing that I do is maintain social media pages for the trail system.” Thanks to everyone involved, the trails are more accessible, provide nature-based educational information, and encourages appreciation of the area’s natural beauty to all Franklin County residents.

The Sandy River Trail, created and maintained by UMF students, encourages the community to explore nature

Secondary Education:

Middle-Level Education


Middle-Level Education is a class taught by UMF professor Dr. Theresa Overall. This course has three main objectives; to look at the history of middle schools, the psychological, social, emotional, and physical development of the middle school student and what that means in the classroom, and the integrated curriculum of middle schools. Students will spend 60-80 minutes a week in a middle school classroom both observing the professionals in the classroom and then mentor both students and staff to help them achieve their goals. This service-learning experience helps the students understand both sides of the classroom when it comes to students and their teachers.

UMF students working with programming robots to help enhance the classroom experience.

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