Policy Scholars 

Opiate Prevention

Policy Scholar: 2015-16

Rose Miller, '17

During her time as a policy scholar, Rose Miller (‘17) focused her project on preventative measures, such as “primary prevention” or preventing first use, within the opiate crisis in Maine. Though the big picture for prevention includes support treatment and recovery, Rose believed that “one of the reasons I wanted to focus on prevention (apart from needing to narrow it down to a manageable project) is how difficult it is to kick addiction once it's already begun. One of the recommendations I reached was to support evidence-based education programs that utilize prevention theory to help deter drug use in youth populations.” Rose was also able to attend the 2016 National Rx and Heroin Summit in Atlanta through her research funds, helping further her research experience within the policy scholar program.

Rose Miller ('17) focused on preventative measures for the opiate crisis in Maine

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