Travel Abroad Photo Contest

Every fall semester the Office of Global Education has a photo contest and offers a prize for each winner. The photo contest has three categories; best selfie, group shot, and landscape. As well as best overall photo.

Best Selfie 2019

Taken by Jacqueline Gleason and taken in France.


Best Selfie Runner-Up 2019

Taken by Lexi Dube in Peru.

Best Group Shot 2019

Submitted by Drew Kesls and taken in Ireland.

Best Group Shot Runner-Up 2019

Submitted by Vallery Gillis and taken in Greece.

Best Landscape 2019

Submitted by Molly Mccormick in Peru.

Best Landscape Runner-Up 2019

Submitted by Autumn St. Pierre and taken in Alaska.

Past Travel Abroad Photo Contest Winners


Best Overall Photo 2018

Submitted by Jacob Barker and taken in Germany.

Best Selfie 2018

Taken by Grace Hansen in Costa Rica.

Best Selfie Runner-Up 2018

Taken by Megan Jones in Australia.

Best Group Shot 2018

Submitted by Lexi Dube and featuring Sara Dube. Taken in Tanzania.

Best Group Shot Runner-Up 2018

Submitted by Page Cardorette and taken in Spain.

Best Landscape 2018

Taken by Jacob Barker in Germany.

Best Landscape Runner-Up 2018

Submitted by Mana Abdi. Taken in Tanzania.


Best Selfie 2017

Taken by Brianna Martin, class of 2018, at the Holy Festival of Colors, India

Best Selfie Runner-Up 2017

Taken by Kim Larabee, class of 2019, at the Cochahuasi Animal Sanctuary, in Cusco, Peru

Best Group Shot 2018

Submitted by Connor Lynch, class of 2018, and taken by Nicole Pires in Machu Picchu, Peru

Best Group Shot Runner-Up 2017

Taken by Kayla Giradin, class of 2017, at the Chasabal (Tea Bowl) Festival in South Korea

Best Landscape 2017

Taken by Cheyene VanDooren, class of 2018, in Kaitoke Regional Park, Wellington, New Zealand

Best Landscape Runner-Up 2017

Taken by Jacob Legere, class of 2018, at the Andean Archaeological Site, Peru


2016 Winners & Runner-Ups

Selfie – Tori Lands, Korea

Danica Lamontagne, Tanzania


Group Shot - Patty Smith, New Zealand

Blair Bailey, Italy


Landscape - Louise Villemont, Scotland

Sarah Gould, France

Last Updated August 2020 University of Maine Farmington - Office of Experiential & Global Education

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