Performance + Experiential Learning = You creating work

- At other colleges you can act in a play . . . 

At UMF you can also write your own script and direct its production 

- At other colleges you can perform in an ensemble . . . 

At UMF you can also write music for it 

- At other colleges you can study video game music . . .

At UMF you can team up with an animation student and create your own game


Experiential Performing Arts challenges you to be the CREATOR, both solo and in collaborations. We also welcome all your passions—from photography and programming to animation and cooking. if it’s compelling to you, it belongs. 


Bread & Puppet

November 2019

Bread and Puppet is a world-renowned theater company whose performances focus on social justice and political protest. In November 2019, the troupe offered an interactive workshop for  UMF students, faculty and staff to learn about puppet making and performance. Workshop participants then performed "The Essential Furthermore," a show that draws on 15th and 16th century peasant rebellions to emphasize the need for insurrection against the status quo of planetary ecological collapse and hostility toward refugees created by natural and human-made disasters. The show demonstrates the power of mass social movements that challenge totalitarianism, extinction, and the "normalization" of the unthinkable.   

Masks made by Bread and Puppet Theater in a performance.


Original Make-Up Design

Hailey Craig, '20

“For my project 3 as a performing arts major, I chose to do a design project focused on translating fine art into hair and makeup for the stage. The goal was to take 2-Dimensional figures and environments and reflect on how they would appear in a 3-Dimensional setting on real human faces, creating inspired designs, not replications. The final product resulted in a portfolio of 10 looks reflecting 10 different art styles and technical makeup skills.”  - Hailey Craig '20

Hailey's inspired make-up designs for her Project-300 class.


Instrument Innovation 

Greg Baxter '20

Greg Baxter focused his Wilson research project on creating instruments that enable anyone, regardless of their experience, to create music by using programming software such as MAX and Ardunio to create sound. Creating technology-based instruments quickly proved to be a challenge for him, as he had little experience with any form of programming and struggled to find the information he needed for his research. However, Greg discovered that the professors at UMF “are willing to help every step of the way and they advocated for what I wanted to achieve.” With support from his professors, Greg was able to create six different instruments by hand and through transforming objects such as a Kinetic. A performance to showcase these instruments was scheduled for the end of the spring semester but has been postponed due to COVID-19. 

Examples of various instruments that Greg created.

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