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"The internship program is a collaborative process involving the Office of the Governor, the Maine Bureau of Human Resources, numerous Maine state government agencies, local governments and the state and municipal employees who serve as intern supervisors. The program is administered by the MCS Policy Center at the University of Maine," which believes "building a sense of community through collaboration is core to our aspiration to improve policy. We value inclusive communication that aims to advance relationships among policymakers, community leaders, and students, faculty, and staff of the University of Maine." - Margaret Chase Smith Policy Center 

Bureau of

Rehabilitation Services

Sam Wood '21

Working remotely for the Bureau of Rehabilitation Services, Sam Wood (‘21) was not afraid to dive into various projects or assist different programs. One of her biggest tasks she took on was working with its Systems Improvement and Quality Assurance (SIQA) unit on their Intranet to reorganize pages and make it more user friendly. Sam also spent a lot of time working with students in an early college program for students with disabilities, otherwise known as the Step-Up program. Through her internship, Sam learned “what it is like to work in state government and how to work with many kinds of people. I have also learned about the intersectionality of disabilities through online webinars and the people I have worked with that will hopefully help me in my future career as a lawyer one day.”

Samatha Wood ('21) worked with the Bureau of Rehabilitation Services on various projects and programs 


Health & Benefits

Emily Lathrop, '21

Working remotely for her internship with Employee Health & Benefits (EH&B), Emily Lathrop (‘21) was able to create a procedure manual for the entire EH&B department. This meant Emily worked with all twelve active employees in the department to collect all of the major processes and format, edit, and revise them into one large document. Through this process, she “was able to learn about the different positions through reading their processes and asking clarifying questions.” This opportunity allowed Emily to explore her interest in Human Resources. “At UMF, I have taken HR classes, but getting hands-on experience with people who deal with benefits every day has given great insight into the field. My business and psychology classes, as I am a Business Psychology major, helped prepare myself for this internship. I had knowledge of HR practices from my classes with Dr. Dalpour that aided me in understanding how the department functioned.”

Emily Lathrop ('21) worked with Employee Health & Benefits to create a procedure manual for the department

Maine Dept. of Environmental Protection

Robbie Knowles, '20

Working as an Assistant Project Manager for the Maine Department of Environmental Protection, Robbie Knowles ('20) “primary responsibility was to review and observe the remediation of various hazardous waste sites within the state.” Among the various things Robie has learned from his internship, the most noteworthy was that he learned “how environmental sampling is conducted on the professional level.” Robie credits his background in geology as a huge asset in his internship, as “UMF has an excellent field-based geology program, thanks to professors Julia Daly, David Gibson, and Doug Reusch. This approach gives students the skills to participate in real-world scientific research, while exposing them to the natural beauty (and complexity) our environment has to offer.”

Robbie Knowles ('20) in the field during his internship at the Main Department of Environmental Protection

City of Hallowell

Michaela Carney, '19

With hopes to help further develop the community of Hallowell, Michaela Carney (‘19) interned as a City Archivist and Special Projects Coordinator. One of the biggest tasks she completed was reorganizing and replanning the city’s cemetery maps by cross-referencing the map with the grave-markers. Michaela also worked with the nonprofit Vision Hallowell to create welcome bags for students at UMaine Augusta, which helped her build relationships with business owners and University staff. She credits writing courses and the organizations she was a part of at UMF for helping present herself professionally and being able to participate in community development. Now, she works as a part-time employee with the Maine State Museum and believes that "having that internship has definitely helped me in my current job. It gave me the confidence to seek out what I want to do, ask questions, speak up, and not let anyone tell me I can't, because I most certainly can.”

Michaela Carney ('19) worked on various projects to help develop the city of Hallowell

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