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College Leadership Competition

College Leadership Competition participants share one important quality: a passion for leadership. As a participant, you will develop leadership skills and gain an opportunity to build your resume and professional network while representing your college or university. This life-changing opportunity will increase your understanding of personal strengths and areas for improvement by stretching you to the boundaries of your knowledge, skills, and abilities.

UMF CLC Team receiving their 2nd place award,

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USM Student Government Conference

The UMS Student Government Conference brings together student leaders to communicate, engage, and develop their personal leadership skills and intercommunication among all of the respective campuses. Students find amazing inspiration and best insights on how to be a better leader. This conference is a two day long conference. In these two days they promote critical leadership skills in different workshops. These workshops include: building yourself to lead; strategy and strategic thinking; community and leadership; leading during times of change; motivation and engagement, leading with vision, and purpose.

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