Sophie Manning ('19) showing Bill Nye a lobster at her internship at the Maine State Aquarium.

Internships & Apprenticeships

"An internship is a form of experiential learning that integrates knowledge and theory learned in the classroom with practical application and skills development in a professional setting. Internships give students the opportunity to gain valuable applied experience and make connections in professional fields they are considering for career paths, and give employers the opportunity to guide and evaluate talent."

- National Association of Colleges and Employers

While not all academic programs at UMF require their majors to enroll in an internship, UMF students recognize the educational and professional benefits of participating in one or more internships over the course of the college career.

Some use it as an opportunity to gain skills and connections in their chosen field, others to explore potential career paths. Some use it to complete their college credits, others do it for the experience and connections internships provide. Whatever field you are interested in, whatever your goals, UMF can help you find an internship that's right for you. 

Environmental Science:

Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens

Portia Hardy, '22

Spending this summer surrounded by breathtaking scenery, Portia Hardy (‘22) worked as an intern at Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens in its Adult Education & Interpretive Exhibits program. She teaches visitors about butterflies and host plants as they walk through the Native Butterfly and Moth House, interpreting the garden to guests through "a learning lens” of natural science. This internship has been an invaluable experience in “informal public education within a cultural institution.” Portia credits UMF with helping her establish a connection to her internship, as “Meghan Price ('02), the UMF internship coordinator, traveled to CMBG in early spring to find out more about the position. And my academic advisor, Dr. Julia Daly, has visited me on the garden campus to check in on my activities” as well, helping Portia to connect her experience to her major in Environmental Science.

Portia Hardy ('22) helps visitors interpret the butterfly

exhibit while rearing caterpillars and doing 

horticultural work at CMBG.


Policy & Geology:

MICA Guides 

Mel Geisler, '21

As an Environmental Policy major with a geology minor, Mel Geisler ('21) has taken a number of courses that directly applied to his internship with MICA Guides in Glacier View, Alaska. In fact, Mel credits Prof. Doug Reusch as “an inspiration for me to get into the mountains and follow my dream of being a professional guide, but also to strive to learn more about the geology and glacial processes that have shaped much of Alaska. Without the knowledge I learned in his classes, not only would I not be nearly as knowledgeable on tectonic processes and glaciology, but I wouldn't even be able to look at mountains the same way as I do now.” Mel and his fellow interns now lead 3-hour glacier treks on Matanuska Glacier, a 26-mile long valley glacier, multiple times a day.

Mel Geisler ('21) trekking through Matanuska Glacier

during his internship in Glacier View, Alaska


Maine Medical Center

Andrew Parent, '21

Spending his summer as a member of the Patient Experience Team at Maine Med, Andrew Parent (‘21) gathered information from patients about their stays, helped prepare for a hospital-wide Patient Experience Conference, and conducted various staff interviews. Andrew believes he would not have been able to accomplish this if it wasn’t for UMF’s close-knit community and his psychology classwork which helped him understand “what patients and families were going through in order to help give them the best patient experience possible. As a psychology major working with patients, this experience has allowed me to develop a deeper compassion towards patients and their family members during difficult times.”

Andrew Parent ('21) at his internship with the Patient Experience team of Maine Medical Center.

MC Smith Internships:

Bureau of

Rehabilitation Services

Sam Wood '21

Working remotely for the Bureau of Rehabilitation Services, Sam Wood (‘21) was not afraid to dive into various projects or assist different programs. One of her biggest tasks she took on was working with its Systems Improvement and Quality Assurance (SIQA) unit on their Intranet to reorganize pages and make it more user friendly. Sam also spent a lot of time working with students in an early college program for students with disabilities, otherwise known as the Step-Up program. Through her internship, Sam learned “what it is like to work in state government and how to work with many kinds of people. I have also learned about the intersectionality of disabilities through online webinars and the people I have worked with that will hopefully help me in my future career as a lawyer one day.”

Samatha Wood ('21) worked with the Bureau of Rehabilitation Services on various projects and programs 

Business & Economics:

Healthy Communities Coalition

Katie LeBlanc, '20

The Senior Buddy program connects the elderly in our community with UMF students who volunteer to read or perform at the senior centers in the Farmington area. A program initiated by Abby Hoffman ('19), Katie LeBlanc (‘20) took up the relay in her senior year, interning as the volunteer coordinator. Katie was responsible for identifying and coordinating student volunteers who spent time each week at one of the four senior-living facilities in Farmington. Katie's internship enhanced her skills in marketing, communication, and management, as well as grant writing. “As a Business and Economics major with a concentration in finance and economics, I never thought I would be working in the community health field. But in the end, I felt more connected with the Farmington community and figured out where I may want to take my degree come graduation.”

Katie LeBlanc ('20) connected UMF students to seniors in Farmington facilities, such as

The Pierce House (pictured here).

Science Education:

Maine State Aquarium

Sophie Manning, '19

During the summer before she started her career as a science teacher at Biddeford Middle School, Sophie Manning ('19) had a paid internship at the Maine State Aquarium in Boothbay Harbor. "I really looked forward to any science experience that I could gain to share with my students, and my summer internship at the Maine State Aquarium did not disappoint. From giving day-to-day presentations on various science topics, taking care of the marine creatures behind the scenes, to job shadowing in the Department of Marine Resources labs, I have gained so much knowledge in such a short period of time." Getting her photo taken with Bill Nye The Science Guy was just icing on the cake.

Sophie Manning ('19) with Bill Nye at the Maine Department of Maine Resources labs located at

the Maine State Aquarium.


Green Chimneys, NY

Monicah Paquette, '19

During her time at Green Chimneys in New York, Monicah Paquette (‘19) quickly learned that an internship can be both an enriching experience and a platform for future endeavors as she “went into the internship with an eagerness to put classroom theory into practice and left with a full heart and an enlightened perspective as to the value of my degree. Each day the program staff and children taught me valuable lessons that I continue to carry with me to other opportunities.” She credits the organization for helping her be “able to hone my skills of working with youth through recreational and animal therapy. These skills led to my being qualified for increasingly challenging positions” such as Camp Fire Alaska, AmeriCorps at the Center for Grieving Children, and at Youth Villages in Georgia. 

Monicah Paquette ('19) with Lil' Twinky at her Recreational

Therapy internship with Green Chimneys in New York.

Outdoor Recreational Business Administration:

Copper Mountain Resort, CO

Austin French, '15

A graduate of UMF's Outdoor Recreational Business Administration program, Austin French ('15) had the good fortune to follow the path blazed by other UMF students to Colorado, where he interned with Copper Mountain Resort as the Youth Programs Supervisor. He served as a staff trainer for their Ski & Ride School and managed two of their seasonal programs, working with a total of approximately 2,000 athletes. Austin describes his internship as having been "an incredible experiential learning opportunity to further develop myself as a leader, manager, and trainer, and learn from some of the best and brightest leaders and mentors at a top-notch resort in the most competitive market in North America’s snow sports industry."

Austin French ('15) on the slopes during his internship

at Copper Mountain Resorts in Colorado.

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