2018 Hong Kong Student Exchange

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Hong Kong Students and student worker, Brock Bubar, enjoying a game of Froggy Detective. 

Welcome BBQ

While here students get to work with student teachers and UMF faculty in engaging lessons.

In the Classroom

Students and member of the local community getting to know each other at a local BBQ.

Getting To Know the Locals

Students got to visit the new, local business, Farmington Underground. They used their puzzle-solving skills to escape this tricky escape room.

Farmington  Underground

Students Playing a Game Of Memory to Learn Vocabulary

The Daily Bulldog

Click on the link above to read the article written about the students visiting the Wilton Blueberry Festival.

The Daily Bulldog

Click on the link above to read an Article about the students taking a boat ride on Wilson Lake.

Portland Press Herald

Click on the link above to read about the student's trip and the ELL program at UMF.

Featured here is the final slideshow that was presented at the program's celebration on August 9th, 2018. It includes highlights from students' activities in the classroom, on campus and around Maine.

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